Why the Atheist Disdain for God?

What is it with atheists and their vociferous loathing of God? Why the mania over what in their minds, does not exist? In fact, atheists refuse to know who God is, such is their hatred for him. As an example, I refer the reader to the last post at The Spartan Atheist blog entitled, “Fred is Real.”

The Spartan Atheist conjures up a ridiculous, insulting, imaginary conversation and then assigns God to the insulting, ridiculous image presented in the imaginary conversation. This is problematic for the following reasons:

  1. It is obviously, objectively stupid. What if I made up an insulting, ridiculous, conversation about an imaginary Spartan Atheist; and then assigned to the real Spartan Atheist the insulting, ridiculous, imaginary conversation? After which, I told everyone, “See, that’s what Spartan Atheist is like! He is a ridiculous person, so ridiculous in fact, that he doesn’t even exist.” Such is obviously, objectively stupid.

2. God has attributes characteristic of himself. God has a nature which defines him. Many aspects of God’s nature and his attributes can be deduced or inferred through the power of reason. Additionally, the Bible describes God through Revelation. That is, people witnessed God and wrote about him. Revelation is superior to reason in that it is God describing himself through his own actions and interactions with mankind.

3. We can come to know someone or something through our own actions and interactions with that someone. Additionally, we can know someone through authentic historical literature. For example, I can know something of George Washington by reading about him. This sort of knowledge comes from witness.

In conclusion, atheists substitute hate-inspired calumny conjured up by their imaginations, as a substitute for rational thinking and authentic witness. Then atheists assign their calumny to what they hate: God. They hate God because they create God in their own hateful image, literally.


4 responses to “Why the Atheist Disdain for God?”

  1. Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    Silence of Mind analyzes why Atheists have such a high disdain God. His analysis strikes me as quite accurate. Why? Well, read his post and then consider what I have to say next.

    How did Silence of Mind end his post?

    They hate God because they create God in their own hateful image, literally.

    When we create an idol, what do we do? Don’t we make our god in our own likeness. Is that not why some people do such awful things, anything for sex, anything for money, anything to inflate their egos and justify themselves, anything for power, and anything to elevate themselves above others. So, if we disdain God, is it not likely we do so because of the great disdain we have for our self. If we disdain our self, is it not likely we fear God because we believe He will judge us the same way we have judged our self.


  2. Whether there’s a God or not, atheists should stop making a “religion” out of atheism and shut the f*** up!


  3. […] of Mind wrote a little post that set off a minor uproar, Why the Atheist Disdain for God?. Since I liked it, I reblogged it, Why the Atheist Disdain for God? A couple people did not, […]


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