All atheist notions are very easy to debunk using facts, common sense, and reasoning based on logic (rationality).

The absurd notion of the “Omnimalevolent God” trumpeted by atheist John Zande, WordPress Christendom’s, is no different.

First, he quotes influential Enlightenment Englishman and religious philosopher, William Paley in an effort to lend some sort of scholastic authority to his argument by pillaging it from William Paley:

“’Contrivance proves design,’ accurately observed William Paley, ‘and the predominant tendency of the contrivance indicates the disposition of the designer.’”

Zande then declares the universe, evil by design, and “reasons:”

Therefore God is “Omnimalevolent.”

Evil God

Notice that Zande tries to disguise using himself as the authority for his own argument by hiding behind the carcass of an Enlightenment Christian.

Since using one’s own self as the authority for one’s own argument is a logical fallacy, Zande brutally and bloodily murders his own argument in the unapologetic, genocidal style so characteristic of atheist ideologues.