What of American Foreign Policy?

Until President Trump, US foreign policy was always chaotic.

There was always a war going on somewhere, or some hot spot that required US diplomats to negotiate away American treasure. Korea, the Cuban missile crisis, Vietnam, decades of international terror culminating in 9/11, the Bush Iraq wars, and Bush Afghanistan finally abandoned by Brandon and his lunatic asylum in a pyrotechnic display of murderous incompetence.

Also of note is the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan Administration. The Deep State conjured up a stooge named Colonel Oliver North and then Congress subject him to a show trial. Of course, the purpose of all that was to cripple the Reagan Administration. Thirty five years later the Deep State pulled out the same playbook and used it on Donald Trump.

Today, Brandon’s Ukraine fiasco is just more of the same old, same old, only better. Here we have a forever war that will keep the entire world in crisis for the foreseeable future. What’s not to like?

Brandon and his lunatic asylum just returned American foreign policy back to normal.


7 responses to “What of American Foreign Policy?”

  1. I don’t think America’s corrupt elites are much more than opportunists sowing a legacy of corruption and discord. In their unethical quest for power they have left behind them many broken institutions and confused souls.

    Consider what they have done to American education. Was what they accomplished by design. I believe it looks that way because they have put so many Marxists in charge. However, public education is in and of itself a Socialist, and that fact preceded the takeover by unions and Marxists academics. It just so happens that many of our political elites, desiring the power and control that public education gives them, saw Marxists and labor unions as natural allies.

    Similarly, when many of our political elites find themselves engaged in a foreign conflict, they find it more convenient to simply let the conflict rage that do anything to end it.

    There is, of course, a place for the use of armed force, but armed force is just one form of political power and exercised by itself may not be very effective. Unfortunately, many of America’s political elites don’t actually have much interest in using armed force appropriately. They are more interested in having political power. So, whenever their opposition starts to do anything effectively, they seek to undermine their opposition. That includes ending a small armed conflict in a faraway land.

    Trump ran into this kind of opposition buzz-saw full-on. He spent most of his time in office fighting off an unending smear campaign, news media lies, backstabbing bureaucrats, impeachments, and traitorous Liberal Democrats. That is probably why our troops were still in Afghanistan when he left office.

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  2. Trump got the shaft because he had the guts to take on the Swamp, the Establishment, the Power Elite that don’t give a rats ass about the welfare and freedoms of the People. Not to state the obvious but Biden has weakened America’s military, moral and safety more than any other President. We the People are hanging by our fingernails until the old hack and his cackling nitwit veep are thrown out of office, and that means two more years of living on the edge of total destruction — BUT if the GOP wins back the House we can at least stall the insanity.

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  3. Why is it a fiasco?

    Are you pro-Putin?


  4. John, Brandon’s foreign policy is a fiasco because we are preparing for WWIII, the Saudi’s told Brandon to pound sand with regard to oil production, and how can we forget the disastrous abandonment of Afghanistan?


  5. No — why is Ukraine a fiasco? That’s what you said. I’d like to know why you think it is.

    The Afghanistan withdrawal was Trump’s recklessly thrown-together plan… and he RELEASED 5,000 Taliban prisoners before it. Hard to take you seriously if you don’t even know the basic facts, SoM.


    OPEC have always been cunts. Maybe the US should get serious about transitioning off oil?


  6. John, Brandon just moved the 101st Airborne Division to the Russian border in response to Putin’s nuclear threat. Your spin on Brandon’s Afghanistan fiasco is refuted by everyone seeing it on the international news. Politifact is a leftist agitprop outlet. That means its business is lying. Everybody knows that.


  7. Regarding oil, nobody is getting off fossil fuels. The West just gets its oil from Russia, Iran and the OPEC. Same with the United States.


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