America’s evangelical Christians are probably one of the most stubborn, hard-headed groups of people in world history.

Christian Western Civilization is disintegrating in a meteoric free fall which in many ways is like a super-fast motion repeat of Rome’s fall 1600 years ago.

Back then great Catholic philosopher-saints were championing the rise of Christendom.

Watch as these modern day, average Jane and Joe evangelicals champion the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ in a most pleasing, understandable and courageous way:

In this video evangelical Christians are subjected to the virulent anti-Christian hatred that powers LGBT fascism. Clearly, LGBT fascism isn’t about equal rights for all.

This video makes it obvious that in this postmodern age, Christians are in real, life-threatening danger.

Another current story, that of the fall of media mogul-sex pervert-abuser Harvey Weinstein from leftist Hollywood grace is making splashy headlines.

harvey weinstein

One can only wonder why a 30 year career of workplace sexual assault and abuse was known about and tolerated by such champions of women’s rights as Hollywood itself, the Democrat Party (Weinstein was a mega-donor to Democrat politicians and causes) and the LGBT community.

The life and times of yet another champion of Western Civilization’s cultural rot was celebrated last week.

That would be the illustrious Hugh Hefner, founder of the mass media objectification of women through the glorious, never ending pursuit of man’s sexual appetite aka Playboy Inc.

Hugh Hefner

And how did the evangelical Christians finally respond?

They spear headed the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States. The US Congress and Deep State are in complete panic as they oppose President Trump at every turn.

Nevertheless President Trump is chiseling away at the mighty, anti-Christian stone edifice that has become the United States government.

A case in point and something that is just driving the leftist barbarian crazy is the repeal of the requirement that employer health plans pay for birth control.

Here is a link to a post which also demonstrates the virulent hatred that may soon mortally threaten Christians in this day and age.

The Christian Way has traditionally and generally been quiet and under-the-radar.

But with Hell already broken loose and running rampant in the West, Christian resistance to the barbarian destruction of America’s Christian culture is beginning to cause sparks.