The first scene in the movie Alien: Covenant, was absolutely remarkable!

Daniel and Dr. Weyland

A mad scientist Peter Weyland (foreground)  had created a super duper human-like android, Daniel (pouring the tea) whose mind was powered by super duper artificial intelligence.

Daniel says to Dr. Weyland, “I behold, my creator. But who created you?

Unfortunately for the atheist community, Dr. Weyland didn’t reply, “I just happened all by myself.”

Did the script writers for this movie realize the coup de grace they had dealt atheism?

David goes on to genetically engineer “the perfect life form,” which in Darwinian terms and the terms of this movie, means a creature who occupies the top link of the food chain.

Also part of Darwinian perfection is that the creature completely destroys its competition and breeds with maniacal fervor. Insects and great white sharks come to mind.

In other words, human capacities like love, mercy, creativity, tolerance are outside the realm of perfection.

Since God is love, all there is for the atheist is Darwinian perfection.

God bless the script writers of Alien: Covenant.