If healthcare is a human right and to be given free of charge, why isn’t man’s need to eat thought about and treated in the same manner?

By and large, access to food is so abundant that obesity, not starvation is the larger problem.

Why is this so?

This is so because the food industry is driven by free market capitalism.

Free market capitalism has brought nearly endless variety and abundance to the poor and rich alike and for affordable prices!


In fact, the American supermarket is a fantastic, visible and understandable example of the wonder of free market capitalism.

Now imagine a healthcare system that provided almost endless abundance and variety of healthcare at affordable prices.

Just as with the food industry, free market capitalism would provide so much healthcare that people would hardly ever worry about it again.

This is way ObamaCare must be repealed and NOT replaced.

Repeal ObamaCare and scrap all the regulations put into place since World War II and let the healthcare market run free.

Good people, capitalism, that is the actual creation of wealth and prosperity is a natural law of economics.

Way back in the 18th century American philosopher Adam Smith wrote a book called the Wealth of Nations.

That book is not about dogma.

It is a grand collection of observations about the newly forming, modern industry marketplace where goods and services were created and manufactured.

One of Smith’s observations was the astonishing, almost unimaginable increase in productivity of goods and services coming into being due to industrialization and organization of labor.

The healthcare industry, if left to the laws which govern free market economics, would also undergo unimaginable increases in productivity of goods and services at affordable prices.

Such an environment of innovation and plenty would allow the insurance industry to offer very affordable policies that covered catastrophic illnesses.

Good people, for this to happen we have to get rid of leftist, tyrant politicians.

The Chuck Schumers, the Mitch McConnells, the John McCains and the Paul Ryans have to be voted out of office and replaced with people who actually wish to, and will represent the interests of their voters.

What say you?

Do you have faith in the laws of economics which govern free markets (capitalism).