Supporters of global warming have always demanded peer reviewed studies showing evidence that Earth climate is not in crisis. Courtesy of German scientists come 58 new pier reviewed climate studies.  The studies include 80 graphs showing climate data from around the world.

Of particular interest are the graphs of Arctic and Antarctic climate over the last several centuries.  They show a long term cooling trend and ancient temperatures that precede by centuries any of man’s industrial activities.

Antarctic Climate 2017

Arctic Climate 2017

West Antarctic Ice Sheet 2017

Ten years ago global warming guru Al Gore predicted that we would all be suffering from massive, continuous heat waves.

Of course as anyone can see, that prediction turned out to be totally bogus.

The inconvenient truth is that global warming is a hoax and it is long past time for people the world over to clean up the swamp and vote any and all global warmers out of public service.

Thank God (and the American voter) for President Donald Trump!