Ironically, the philosophy of atheist philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche is particularly helpful to Christians who struggle to reason out an understanding of their faith. Unfortunately, not many Christians bother to reason out an understanding of their faith.


And that is unfortunate because without a basis in reason what we believe in is really a fairy tale constructed around our own personal bias.

This state of affairs, according to Nietzsche, means that the “truth” is nothing more than an interpretation of what we perceive and that a person, instead of dedicating himself to endless, gyrating interpretations, would be much better served dedicating himself to himself.

That is, through understanding himself and the way he interprets things, the person discovers his talents, weaknesses and so forth, and how he may best fit into his surrounding and most of all, discover how best to enjoy his life.

The God is dead Christian is someone who contorts his mind and heart into his personal interpretation of what he perceives Christianity to be (who doesn’t do that?). Since this is essentially life by fairy tale, Nietzsche claims that God too must be a fairy tale, and so, isn’t really alive for us.

Nietzsche was brilliant, original and sincere.  And he followed his philosophy straight into the abyss of madness.

The God is dead Christian is abundantly evident in every nook and cranny of Western Civilization and seems completely oblivious to his part in Christian Civilization crashing down around everyone’s ears.

What to do?