Scientific proof that God exists is found in various areas of science. Molecular biology presents almost obvious proof of God’s existence. This should be great news for atheists who profess to be champions of modern science.

Before presenting the proof, however, it is necessary to first define where the proof leads.

Since we are dealing here with scientific proof, a secular definition of God must be provided.

God, by nature, would be the first cause of everything.  It follows then that God would have certain attributes:

  1. All-powerful
  2. All-knowing

For this post we will infer God’s presence using his attribute of all-knowing. If God did create the universe it is reasonable that evidence of God’s intelligence is imbedded throughout the physical world.

That means if we can find examples of intelligence imbedded in the physical world, we can infer that God exists.

But what constitutes an example of intelligence?

Well, say you were out rock hunting and you found a stone tablet with patterns of scribbles on them.  Later it was found that the patterns of scribbles were written in an actual language that told a story from long ago.


Figure 1  The Flood tablet written in ancient Akkadian by Gilgamesh.

That the author is intelligent and real is obvious.

Molecular biology provides the same analogy and this analogy was found in the lab rat of molecular biology, the E. coli bacteria.  It’s called CRISPR/Cas9.

CRISPR/Cas9 is the immune system of the E. coli bacteria that has been modified for human use.  And immune system possesses the means and methods to identify, remember and destroy foreign script written into the bacteria’s genome by invading viruses.

For an atheist it would be like the Hebrew modification to the flood story originally written by Gilgamesh. Today everyone knows the story about Noah and the Flood.  However, Gilgamesh is long forgotten, except by ancient history geeks. In microbiology that’s what’s called a viral assault and take over of the original organism.

And in the case of CRISPR/Cas9, the modification from the original immune system makes it just a little easier to understand. The modification to the bacterial immune system makes CRISPR/Cas9 a premier gene editing tool when put in the hands of molecular biologists.

Here is a diagram of CRISPR/Cas9:


Figure 2  CRISPR/Cas9

1. Cas9 is a enzyme protein (the light blue figure with the little cutters). Genomic DNA that has been edited by a virus (dark orange seen on the right of the Cas9 enzyme) feeds into the Cas9 enzyme on the left.

2. PAM (light orange) is an essential targeting component which distinguishes bacterial self from non-self DNA. The Cas9 enzyme snips the DNA strand at the PAM.

3. The guide RNA (purple) provides a template to write the viral DNA into memory so that it is immediately rejected the next time the same virus attacks.

4. In the lab the CAS9 snips out errors that are replaced by donor DNA (green).

Hopefully it has become obvious that literature must first exist before it can be edited.

In biology, the literature that defines an organism is called, genome.  Each organism has its own genome, or detailed literature that defines every aspect of the organism. It is from the genome and the power specified by the genome to edit, repair and remember specific parts of itself that we can infer the existence of intelligence.

From the squiggles on the Akkadian tablet we can infer that the author was intelligently expressing himself in a coherent language.

This is equally true of the genome which defines each individual creature.

In the genome we can infer that the author intelligently expresses itself in the coherent language of life on earth.

Modern science has proven that the intelligent author of life is God and the language it used is the genetic code.