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Atheists cite the biblical story of Noah’s Ark and the flood as indisputable proof that God is a cruel, genocidal maniac unworthy of omnipotence. But could this simply be an example of the moral blindness that atheists so vehemently deny possessing?

Let’s take a look.

Noah 2

The source of atheist ire and offense comes from the following verses from the book of Genesis, Chapter 6.  The following are verses that illustrate God’s reasoning and frame of mind.

“5 And now God found that earth was full of men’s iniquities, and that the whole frame of their thought was set continually on evil;”

“11 There lay the world, corrupt in God’s sight, full of oppression;”

Imagine a world where the meanest, most maniacal  bullies ruled and where weaker men, women and children where raped, beaten, murdered and enslaved for the pure joy of it, every hour of the day, every day, every where.

After witnessing the fascist Axis powers at the beginning of the 20th century the biblical description of mankind’s unbridled moral state is undeniably right on the money.

What was the Allied response to the “oppression” and “iniquity” of the Axis powers?

The Allies had no choice but to exterminate them.

Below is a photo of dead German civilians piled up like so much trash after their city, Dresden, was bombed to rubble by the Allies.2WWdresden2

Here are Imperial Japanese soldiers practicing Bushido on a baby:

1 Rape of Nanjing

Were President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill evil genocidal maniacs for exterminating the German Third Reich and Imperial Japan?

Of course not.

Similarly, was God an evil genocidal maniac for exterminating the kind of worldwide evil mankind saw expressed by the NAZI and Imperial Japanese fascists?

Of course not.

Consequently, the atheist insistence on condemning God for the Flood can only be the result of ingrained, willful, moral blindness.

Any questions?