A contents of a letter from the US Catholic Bishops was deep throated into the gullets of the Catholic laity today at church.  In the letter, US Catholic Bishops shamed President Trump and his supporters for his executive order which seeks to delay refugee and immigrant admission into the United States.


Here are the contents of the letter:

“We strongly disagree with the Executive Order’s halting refugee admissions. We believe that now more than ever, welcoming newcomers and refugees is an act of love and hope. We will continue to engage the new administration, as we have all administrations for the duration of the current refugee program, now almost forty years. We will work vigorously to ensure that refugees are humanely welcomed in collaboration with Catholic Charities without sacrificing our security or our core values as Americans, and to ensure that families may be reunified with their loved ones.”

“The United States has long provided leadership in resettling refugees. We believe in assisting all those who are vulnerable and fleeing persecution, regardless of their religion. This includes Christians, as well as Yazidis and Shia Muslims from Syria, Rohingyas from Burma, and other religious minorities. However, we need to protect all our brothers and sisters of all faiths, including Muslims, who have lost family, home, and country. They are children of God and are entitled to be treated with human dignity. We believe that by helping to resettle the most vulnerable, we are living out our Christian faith as Jesus has challenged us to do.”

“Today, more than 65 million people around the world are forcibly displaced from their homes. Given this extraordinary level of suffering, the U.S. Catholic Bishops will redouble their support for, and efforts to protect, all who flee persecution and violence, as just one part of the perennial and global work of the Church in this area of concern.”

President Trump’s executive order is for a delay of 120 days, not a “halting” of refugee admissions.

That Catholic Bishops feel they have to not only interfere with the policies of a duly elected US President, but to outright lie about his intentions is beyond stunning.

Most of the people at my church voted for President Trump and after the letter was read there was nothing but stone cold, bitter silence.