Atheism is so deadly to the individual because it strands him in time and head space.

Atheism is so deadly to society because an atheist society is composed by people who are stranded in time and head space.

Credit for the particular philosophical malady affecting atheists goes to none other than good Friar William of Ockham (born around 1280 Anno Domini in Ockham, England). He was a Catholic priest and heretic who is famous in modern times as the author of “Ockham’s Razor.”


Friar William Ockham’s teachings were so radical that he was finally forced to go on the lam to escape Catholic Church Inquisitors. He is thought to have died in Munich, Germany circa 1349 Anno Domini.

Were he alive today, Friar William of Ockham might be known as a “constructivist.” That is, what we learn does not come from developing an understanding of objective reality, but from what we conceptually construct about our own experiences in our own minds.

In other words, reality and what we think we know is whatever we define it to be. What’s wrong with this picture?

alfred-e-headroomThe constructed individual has his own personal Max Headroom for a mind, a non-stop, chattering of unadulterated bias.

Just think of it!

The constructed individual hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell of escaping a destiny guided by pure stupidity.  For stupidity is the natural state of man. Unlike all other creatures, man has to be taught everything. How can a creature whose natural state is stupidity, teach himself anything?

Further, stupidity, always at odds with objective reality, makes happiness impossible.

Just think of it!

These particular teachings of Friar William of Ockham are the accepted doctrine in today’s educational, political and media establishments. Ironically, our entire, nearly Godless, Western society sits on the shoulders of a Medieval Catholic heretic priest.

In the classroom, students are left to find their own way which leaves them sitting ducks for indoctrination.

In politics, The People, bereft of any understanding of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” are left intellectually disarmed. For they have nothing but their own personal bias to aid them in making sense of relentless, emotionally violent and confusing political campaigns.

And the media, far from informing the public and fostering human nature, becomes a vicious, remorseless tool of totalitarian statecraft.

In conclusion, we can reason out that atheism is deadly to the individual.

This is because the atheism provides the intellect with no objective foundation upon which to stand. It is therefore necessary for the individual to construct his own version of reality within his own solitary mind.

This leaves the human being in his natural state of stupidity. For all he knows is what little he was able to construct in his own mind, or what was fed to him by those who “taught” him. This  also means that personal bias is left to run amok since the power to think rationally was never developed.

More disturbing still is that the institutions fundamental to civil society, education, political and media, are all dedicated to the mass production of stupid people.

It is long past time to throw atheism and the teachings of Friar William of Ockham  onto the ash heap of history.