Regardless of one’s own worldview, the election of political outsider Donald Trump as President of the United States clearly signaled the roaring back to life of Christianity in Western Civilization.

For it was the common Christian, downtrodden after a nearly 30 year horror show of the Bill Clinton,  George W. Bush and Barack Obama regimes who quietly and lawfully voted to pull the plug on the whole blasted mess.

Because of the nature of Christianity, it is easy to predict a  roaring back to life of economic opportunity and prosperity, traditional moral values, and a bountiful cornucopia of technological development and scientific discovery and the death of atheism (the sand in the gears of all human well being).

For the modern Christian worldview, born of the 18th century Enlightenment, holds that the world and all that is in it, is subject to “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God(1).”

Such a worldview provides a most fertile environment for not only healthy moral values and just politics, but also for technological and scientific development. This is because science and technology are themselves, the study and implementation of natural laws.

A case in point is a new technology brought about by the science of molecular biology. This new technology will most definitely change civilization as fundamentally as did the developments of electricity and internal combustion.

It will put powers of design and creation, once thought the sole domain of God, into the hands of high school students.

What is this most powerful and wondrous technology?

Meet CRISPR-CAS9, a gene editing technology taken from a lowly bacteria called  Francisella novicida bacteria(2):


Simply, with the CRISPR-CAS9 technology (3):

  1.  All genetic diseases could be eliminated.
  2. Endless varieties and quantities of plant and animal food could be designed and created.
  3. Most industrial pollution could be eliminated.
  4. Most manufacturing could be switched from polluting and high resource-consuming traditional industrial chemical methods to molecular biological methods.
  5. Death from aging could be eliminated.

So where does the Christian worldview fit into this new technology?

The answer is obvious.

If the fires of creation could be put into the hands of high school students the possibility of unleashing total disaster upon all of mankind would be imminent.

Clearly, effective moral ethics must be applied to CRISPR-CAS9 technology before it is unleashed from research laboratories into civilization at large.

The Great Genocide of the Unborn (the abortion industry) and the subsequent harvesting and selling of butchered baby body parts is but one example of the catastrophic failure of atheist ethics.

Other catastrophic failures of atheist ethics include Marxist economics and Marxist political systems.  Atheist ethics fails because it takes everything wrong with any social system (economic or political), puts them on steroids and then gives ruthless people with those amped up faults total power over everyone and everything.

Global warming and ObamaCare are two examples of atheist ethics leading to catastrophic social failure since both provide platforms based on hoaxes that give total power to a ruthless, ruling elite.

Heaven won’t come to all of mankind until Jesus comes again.

But getting rid of atheism and reestablishing a dominant Christian culture in the West would surely usher in a far better world for us all.

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