The Obama Administration which includes Hillary Clinton, is a lesson in basic political science for a people 100 years beguiled by a lie called Progressivism.

The government can only do three things:

1. Make rules (legislative power)

2. Enforce the rules (executive power)

3. Judge whether the rules are being followed (judicial power)

Because government is nothing but raw, mindless power, it has no mercy, no conscience, and no remorse.

Politicians and professors who say it can be made otherwise by well trained elite men with good intentions are liars who count on the public’s complete naiveté.

By nature then, government can’t cure poverty. It can’t make us smart. It can’t make us well. It can’t make us rich.

When government power is wielded over men, the result is oppression. To implement oppression without causing a revolt, politicians like President Obama must lie routinely.

That is the nature of oppression.

Here is the lesson that the American people must learn from President Obama:

Whenever a politician  says that government can heal the sick, feed the poor, educate your children, take care of the elderly, he’s lying.

Lying is the language of oppression.

A people cannot outsource their duty of charity to the government otherwise the government will take their earnings and buy whips, chains and prison guards.