SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  And the SETI Institute has recently detected a “mysterious signal from a star 94 light years away.”

SETI Allen Array

Here is an excerpt from the Fox News article:

“The scientists who made the detection are respected researchers, and the signal is strong enough that it’s probably not just random noise, Shostak (SETI astronomer) told”

“Furthermore, the signal is consistent with something an alien civilization might send out — and if aliens did indeed do it, they are certainly far more advanced than we are, he added.”

Clearly, modern science is able to determine the difference between intelligent communication and natural noise.

Atheists swear up and down about the great merits of modern science.

That is, until modern science proves the existence of God, just as the SETI institute just did.

By the very same scientific standards that SETI astronomers are able to determine the an electromagnetic wave transmits intelligence (or NOT), the rest of the scientific community can determine that intelligence is embedded in everything.

Since intelligence proves being, the intelligence embedded in everything must be God.

Atheists are urged to follow this phenomenal story of discovery as it develops over the next few years so that they can learn the nature of science and how it works.