The Atheist Way to God

Anyone who wishes for themselves a layman’s understanding of physics, mathematics and engineering, the 2011 airing of the BBC production,”The Code,” hosted by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy fits the bill nicely. It’s free if you have a Netflix subscription. Here is a short clip to whet the intellectual appetite.

The upshot is that the entire universe can be modeled through mathematics.

And guess what?!

Mathematics is the language of engineering and computer science.

Inadvertently, this BCC production demonstrates in great detail that the entire universe is engineered.

That is, it isn’t random at all.

And that man’s ability to create technology through engineering was gained by learning and copying “The Code” found in nature.

The atheist approach to the universe, which is modern science, in fact proves the existence of God.

This is because engineering doesn’t happen all by itself and “code” by definition indicates the transmission of coherent, intelligible information.

Both engineering and code taken together or separately prove the existence of intelligent being.

From our perspective as a creature who is engineered from “The Code,” that intelligent being is God.

Consequently, to be an atheist means that one must reject hard cold scientific proof that God exists.



26 responses to “The Atheist Way to God”

  1. Som, even if true… How do you get to your specific God of the bible and Jesus on a cross from the hard scientific evidence?
    Do you realize that Muslims and theists of almost all stripes use the same Argument from Design (ie argument from absurdity and incredulity that it could all happen without gods existence) to support and prove(?) Their gods too?
    Isn’t this really a “it couldn’t happen by itself, so… It must be God” argument from ignorance?

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  2. KIA,

    What I say is, indeed true, and that means atheism is a big FAIL-zilla.

    You’ll have to send a memo to the pope or one of your TV evangelist buddies and request a Bible lesson, however.

    Maybe ISIS can help you out with the Prophet.

    Also, fact or fiction isn’t determined because “everybody does it” or because “nobody does it.”

    So you are using a logical fallacy to argue against what is easily understood as reasonable.

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  3. SOM,

    Also on Netflix is a documentary called Particle Fever. It’s about the construction of the CERN particle accelerator and the search for the ‘god particle’.

    As I watched, I kept thinking, “I wonder if anyone would think me a scientific sort if I suggested that the particle accelerator just evolved over millions of years…”

    The discussion of the Higgs-Boson particle has some pretty heavy spiritual overtones for a scientific documentary. I don’t want to give away too much, but the big reveal at the end was emotional for me. (Which is more embarrassing than my unmanly behavior at the beginning of ‘Up’…)

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  4. John,

    I watched that!

    And it was wonderful!

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  5. Ah, the seductive power of your own egos. See the puddle analogy.

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  6. If the physical properties of the universe were chaotic, we wouldn’t be here. Positing, “Therefore God” is absolute hubris.

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  7. tildeb,

    I think ET is trying to phone home.

    Maybe you should answer.

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  8. tildeb,

    Otherwise, everything just happened all by itself.

    That makes no sense at all.


  9. Your refusal to try to make sense of it through knowledge and understand by substituting superstitious nonsense is not indicative of reality, SoM. It’s indicative of only of you.

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  10. Superstitious nonsense tildeb?

    Hmmm. See that bone lying yonder? What pray tell MOVED that bone to connect with the other bone just sitting there? How did the thigh bone connect to the knee bone without intelligence?

    How tildeb, did the bone appear IN THE FIRST PLACE? Or do you think humans grew like pumpkins? WHO is babbling his superstitious nonsense? That’s right, the atheist.

    Would you like to try Sports for 200? Atheism is truly the poison of the human intellect.


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