Anyone who wishes for themselves a layman’s understanding of physics, mathematics and engineering, the 2011 airing of the BBC production,”The Code,” hosted by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy fits the bill nicely. It’s free if you have a Netflix subscription. Here is a short clip to whet the intellectual appetite.

The upshot is that the entire universe can be modeled through mathematics.

And guess what?!

Mathematics is the language of engineering and computer science.

Inadvertently, this BCC production demonstrates in great detail that the entire universe is engineered.

That is, it isn’t random at all.

And that man’s ability to create technology through engineering was gained by learning and copying “The Code” found in nature.

The atheist approach to the universe, which is modern science, in fact proves the existence of God.

This is because engineering doesn’t happen all by itself and “code” by definition indicates the transmission of coherent, intelligible information.

Both engineering and code taken together or separately prove the existence of intelligent being.

From our perspective as a creature who is engineered from “The Code,” that intelligent being is God.

Consequently, to be an atheist means that one must reject hard cold scientific proof that God exists.