The argument in favor of the existence of Jesus as God is much stronger and more reasonable than atheist arguments against the existence of Jesus as God.  In fact, the historical record of the development of Western Civilization is almost proof positive of the divinity of Jesus Christ.


Nevertheless, “almost” isn’t good enough criteria for proof positive, so what is presented here is not proof, but a reasoned argument.

But the atheist counter argument against Jesus as God is niggardly at best and thus provides easy pickin’s.

Since the argument presented here is one based on reason, there won’t be any quotes from the Bible since that would be a logical fallacy called circular reasoning.  For it is not logical to use the great tome of faith, the Bible, as an instrument of secular reasoning (something atheists do all the freaking time).

It is possible to reasonably conclude that Jesus of Nazareth was God by looking at the development of Western Civilization and comparing it to the rest of human history.

First, all civilizations grew up around religion.

That is, religion formed the core and cultural anchor of all civilizations.  That this most obvious connection between religion and civilization is completely ignored in the public education system, is striking to say the least.

That fact alone destroys all atheist arguments against religion since if the human race had stayed atheist, the great apes of world would have lots of human company in their jungle habitats.

Consequently, when we compare Christian Western Civilization with all other civilizations we are not comparing apples and oranges (another logical fallacy favorite of atheists).  We are comparing the quality of the Christian religion with the quality of all other religions with regard to the kind and quality of the civilizations they spawned.

At the center of Christianity is its founder, Jesus of Nazareth.

At the center of Western Civilization is Christianity.

Second, Christian Western Civilization is the only civilization in human history to advance beyond the slave and beast of burden as engines of the economy.

Again, that this most obvious connection between Christianity and humanity’s quantum leap into modernity is completely ignored in the public school system, is striking to say the least.

Without a doubt, Christian Western Civilization is the most prosperous, technically advanced, and most just civilization in human history.


Because of Christian moral values which led to the development of modern science, free market capitalism and authentic human rights.

No other civilization in human history developed modern science.

And it was through modern science that man was actually able to prove the existence of God by the very same scientific standards that science is able to prove anything.  Cosmology and molecular biology are two areas of science in which proof of the existence of God came about.

(For brevity, these proofs can be presented to the reader upon request in the comments section.)

The explanation of why Christian Western Civilization demonstrates that Jesus is God, is as follows:

  1. Jesus established the Christian religion.
  2. Christianity became the religion that spawned Western Civilization.
  3. Western Civilization is the only civilization in human history to have developed modern science.
  4. Modern science proved the existence of God
  5. Since only God can reveal God, Jesus of Nazareth must be God.

The argument for the divinity of Jesus is so powerful that atheists have resorted to winking him out of history just as they have sought to wink God out of existence all together.