Man has proved the existence of God by pulling down his genes and taking a close look. That close look began with what Nobel Prize winning molecular biologist, Francis Crick called the , “fundamental dogma of biology.”

Way back in the 1950’s he, James Watson, Maurice Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin were able to work out the structure of the DNA molecule as a double helix shown in the center of the illustration below.


Crick’s “fundamental dogma of biology” is briefly summarized at the bottom right of the above illustration under the heading, ” From DNA to Proteins.”

What Crick’s “dogma” says in the King’s English is that the DNA molecule contains a code and a molecular structure that permits that code to be translated and then precision manufactured into the physical traits of a living creature whose cells contain that particular DNA molecule.

In my studies in molecular biology I was able to examine a specific gene that codes for a particular protein that processes environmental toxins like alcohol and pesticides.  At the same time we examined a specific mutation of that gene that yields a mutant form of the normal protein which contributes to alcoholism and late on-set Parkinson’s disease.

Here is what the normal gene looks like when its code is translated into the English alphabet:

A Gene's Code

The small letters are mRNA (very closely related to DNA) nucleotides. The nucleotides are described in the above Chemical Structure illustration on the left:  a for adenine, t for thymine, g for guanine and c for cytosine.

And in certain groups of three, called codons, the nucleotides code for specific amino acids.  For example, the first codon at position 86 is “atg” which codes for the amino acid methionine, abbreviated M.

And when amino acids are strung together by molecular factories called ribosomes (also proteins) they form proteins.

Below are images of the normal protein (left) and the mutation protein (right) which contributes to alcoholism and late on-set Parkinson’s disease:

1HDX Subunit Interaction1HT0 Subunit Interaction

To the naked eye, the two proteins look almost identical.

Let’s drill down to the point where the mutation occurs and take a look:

1HDX with Cyclohexanol and Valine


1HT0 No Cyclohexanol and Isoleucine

No Cyclohexanol-Mutant

Notice that at position 102 (PDB 102) the amino acid “valine” is present in the normal protein:


And at position 102 the amino acid “isoleucine” is present in the mutant protein:


Can you spot the difference in the atom structures of valine and isoleucine?

So where is God in all of this scientific palaver?

Well, when we pull down our genes and take a close look we see coded information that is used to manufacture products specifically spelled out by that coded information.

That undeniable, scientifically proven fact demonstrates the existence of intelligence.

And it is by this very same standard (the transmission of coded information) that SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) scientists determine the difference between intelligence and background noise. It is delicious irony that SETI was championed by that late, great atheist Carl Sagan.

Since intelligence infers being, the existence of God is proven by the molecular biology spelled out by Crick’s fundamental dogma of biology, proven in the microbiology laboratory and illustrated in molecular model illustrations created by yours truly.