America’s Founding Fathers reasoned in the manner of Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas to create the most prosperous, most powerful, most just, most technically advanced, in a word, the GREATEST nation in human history.

And Ted Cruz thinks like America’s Founding Fathers and understands the principles (“the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God) that they used to design and build the American Republic.

One clarification is necessary, however and that is this:

Since inside every human being on the planet is an American just waiting to get out, it is the People who make America great, not a single man, not a group of men, not a governing institution or bureaucracy.

Consequently, the secret to American greatness lies in human nature and the nature of the regime which governs the People and allows human nature to flourish.

Put succinctly:

  1.  All men are equal, by nature since we all possess the same human nature.
  2. Because each man is equal to his fellow man by nature, no man can rule over another without his consent (the Law of Nature at the foundation of democracy).
  3. The power to rule over men is composed of three parts: the power to make law, the power to enforce law and the power to adjudicate law.
  4. Tyranny occurs when the power to rule over men (the power to make, enforce and adjudicate law) is possessed by one man, one group of men or one governing institution.
  5. Therefore, in any governing regime, the power to rule over men must ALWAYS be institutionally (Congress, President, Supreme Court) and constitutionally (the law of the land) separated.


Now the grand finale:

America became the greatest nation in human history because for the first time in human history a nation’s People were able to live their lives free from tyranny.

But for the last 100 years or so, both the Democrat and Republican parties in the United States have been ignoring the Constitution  and slowly but surely creating institutions within the executive branch which reunite the power to rule over men.

That means law enforcement, taxation, law making and adjudication of law are now at the beck and call of a single tyrant, the President of the United States.

Ted Cruz understands that to make America great again, the tyranny (euphemistically called “The Establishment”) that now rules America must be destroyed.

Ted Cruz understands that to destroy tyranny, the power to rule over men must again be institutionally and constitutionally separated once again.

This will allow Americans once again to pursue happiness in the Land of Free and the Home of the Brave.