Silence of Mind

Why Trump Can’t Make America Great & Why Pigs Can’t Fly


The  reasoning of Aristotle and Saint Thomas Aquinas can be used to explain why Donald Trump can’t  fulfill his promise to make America great and why pigs can’t fly.

The popularity of Donald Trump in the United States is a strong indicator that Western-style reasoning is long forgotten.  But by using hallmark Western-style reasoning it is possible to determine the truth about Trump.

And that is why flying pigs were thrown into the discussion.

If a person is able to understand why pigs can’t fly then that very same person can use the very same reasoning to understand why Donald Trump can’t make America great.

It might seem obvious why pigs can’t fly.  They are big and fat and they don’t have wings.

Excellent!  For often, being able to see the obvious is the first step in reasoning out the truth of the matter.

Nevertheless, Aristotle and Aquinas endeavored to peer into what makes the obvious, obvious so as to be able to reason out more complex issues when needed.  That is, they were able to generalize principles that work on reasoning out both the obvious and the not so obvious.

Such thinking has been rightly called systematic thinking and is at the foundation of modern science, a hallmark of Western Civilization.

Back to flying pigs.

Why can’t pigs fly?

Pigs can’t fly because it is not in their nature to fly.  Whereas birds are constructed especially for flight, pigs are not. By comparing the nature of the pig to the nature of the bird we can reason out what seems obvious, that pigs can’t fly.

Now on to why Donald Trumps claim to make America great is bogus.

Donald Trump’s hallmark campaign promise is to “secure the border” and deport all illegal aliens.

But nearly every viable nation in the world secures its boarder and deports illegal aliens.  So in essence, Donald Trump wants America to be like every other nation.

Being like everyone else is mediocrity, not greatness.

Donald Trump also wants to make America great by making great trade deals with the likes of China, India, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, etc.

In other words, Donald Trump wants the United States to act in its own best interest.

But every viable nation does its best to act in what it thinks is its best interest.

So again, Donald Trump wants the United States to be like every other nation.

And again, being like everyone else is mediocrity not greatness.


By understanding the nature of greatness and comparing it to the nature of Donald Trump’s proposals we can easily reason out the truth of the matter:

Donald Trump is bogus.  His proposals will make America mediocre not great.

So what is America now if mediocre seems like greatness to so many people?

And what does it really mean for America to be “great again?”