In his book, “The Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything,” priest and author, James Martin happily describes in great detail the wacky and dangerous Jesuit worldview on “almost everything.” Things Jesuit are in the spotlight nowadays because of Catholic Pope Francis who is at once a Jesuit and a Latin American leftist.

Actually, I have never met a Jesuit or anyone educated by the Jesuits who was not a leftist and/or an atheist.

The Society of Jesus was founded in Spain by Saint Ignatius de Loyola in August 1534.

Saint Ignacius Loyola

This was less than 20 years after the nuclear blast of the Protestant Reformation was set off in 1517 by another Catholic priest, none other than Father Martin Luther, a German.

Ironically, I must confess that I greatly enjoy and have benefited greatly from James Martin’s book.  I listen to it often on Audiobooks as I fall asleep at night.

So why the contradiction?

Why the condemnation of Jesuit teachings on the one hand and then on the other, acceptance and dedicated practice of those very same teachings?

The reason is simple and fits in a nutshell: as the universe is to the atheist, Salvation is to the Jesuit.  Everything just happens all by itself.

But the bedrock foundation of science is cause and effect.  And the bedrock foundation of Salvation is Baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Consequently, that means atheism is actually a denial of science and Jesuit teachings are a denial of Christianity.

Jesuit teachings will work for the Christian only because they are imbued with the grace of God that results from Baptism. Yet in his book, Jesuit priest James Martin markets Jesuit teachings to all faiths (or NOT) including atheism.

So here are a couple of avenues “anyone” can go out and find God the Jesuit way:

  1. God can be found in our desires.
  2. God can be found in our incites.

Someone, “anyone”…

…what’s wrong with that picture?

What is wrong is that man is constitutionally unable to find God.  That isn’t an opinion.  That is a fundamental, biblical teaching presented in high definition technicolor in both the Old and New Testaments.

Therefore, what Martin presents in his book is a big lie to anyone who hasn’t been baptized.  That is because it is only through Baptism that the human being can fulfill his human nature.

What the Jesuits have tried to do in modern times is market God without Jesus.  And that is a crying shame.