Sammie the Siamese cat lived in a good home across the street.  We first became friends late one night after I finished my shift working the meat department at the local Walmart.

She was chasing a bug and let me help.

And like Weebee the feral cat in the previous post, Sammie became my music coach. Evidently, it must be the task of the cat to preserve order in the universe.

Sammie Music Inspector (2)

She took a liking to my chariot the Hell Wagon:

Sammie On the Hellwagon

Cats teach the universal axiom that is at the foundation of all long term relationships:

“What is yours is mine and what is mine is mine too.”

Sammie had two sons, Church (left) and Socks (right).  Don’t look at me.  I didn’t name them.

Sammy's Babies

The week before Sammie mysteriously disappeared, she came over to my house and presented me with her son, Socks.  We became friends and then he tried to take over my life.

Socks 1

Resistance was futile.  I found myself being assimilated.

Here is Lola the cat teaching about growing up.

Growing up seems to be a natural process.

Here is a creature fulfilling its nature.  Momma and babies in their underground den.


Children breaking bad all at once.

Breaking Bad Together

Children lining up to break bad.

Lining up to Break Bad


Lining up to Break Bad (4)

And so we have it.

Lessons on sharing, the order of the universe, family values, responsibility, the pursuit of happiness, growing up, how children work together to pursue trouble, and tough love, as taught by the animals.