In the very near future, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump will become either an enemy of the state or the guru of the New American Renaissance of Political Incorrectness.

Either way, this post is a celebration of ideas that have now become dangerous.

  1. The black people of America need to pay the white people of America reparations for the American Civil War.

Yes, fellow pilgrim.  The American Civil War was the only war in human history in which an entire nation went to war to abolish slavery.

Need I say more?

2.  The American public school system has turned our best and brightest into snot nosed little dip sticks.  Case in point:


Wake, North Carolina Judge Rules Against Dip Stick Theory of Climate Change

3. All I can say is that someone needed a spanking a long, long time ago.

How many laws did I break with just that one very, very satisfying suggestion?

4. Man wasn’t responsible for catastrophic climate change 100,000 year ago, but he is today.

That little nugget of common sense comes from none other than former NASA scientist (ie. still alive and kicking leftist government bureaucrat), James Hansen:

The sky is falling! Climate change causes giant falling boulders.

5. Your gender is either male or female.

Yes, fellow pilgrim.  You are either male or female.  Here’s how you can tell:

Just check your genitalia the next time you go to the bathroom.  Having one kind means you’re male.  Having the other kind means you’re a female.

How confusing can it be?

In the meantime, somebody please gag me with a spoon and get me outta here!