My claim is that the idea of justice provides a logical proof for the existence of God.


To support the claim, first it is necessary to return to the philosophy of Plato which included the notion of forms.

Simply put, a form is the idea of something which encompasses the nature of that something.

For example, imagine the idea, or form of a chair.  There are a gazillion varieties and designs of actual chairs.  But no matter the variety or design of any actual chair, it conforms to the idea or Platonist form of chair.

Harder to imagine is the form or idea of something that is infinite in all its attributes.  Such a form defines the nature of God, or Creator or First Cause:

All-good, all-knowing, all-powerful, all-beautiful, etc.

Okay, now let’s return to the idea or form of justice explained in the preceding post:

“…the ancient Hebrews were developing ideas of justice that included equality among men, the rule of law, the well off helping the less fortunate, and horror of horrors, a sense of good and evil that applied to all men because it was absolute and based on human nature.”

The weasel word in the above quote is the word, “absolute,” which is a necessary attribute of the form or idea of justice.

For if justice is not absolute, it is simply a matter of personal opinion. And though personal opinion is comprised of ideas, those ideas are not Platonist forms because they do not define the nature of a thing.

Thus, we can see clearly in our mind’s eye, the difference between truth, or form, and personal opinion.  And an additional benefit of this discussion is that we can ask ourselves whether we want justice based on truth or on someone’s personal opinion.

Now it is almost trivial to show how the idea of justice proves the existence of God.

Consider further, our weasel word, “absolute.”

Inherent in it’s meaning is “all or nothing.”  We either have total justice or something less which is not really justice.

All-just therefore, is an attribute of God, because the form or idea of God concerns the infinite which is what “all” signifies.

This proof also demonstrates that man is intimately related to God since justice (an attribute of God) is the end or objective of law and order, and of all our personal relationships and endeavors.

So when we think of atheism (the personal opinion that God does not exist) we can understand clearly that atheism actually means a rejection of justice, civil order and healthy relationships and self-directed endeavors (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness).