2500 years ago, Plato wrote a work called the, “Republic.”  In “Republic,” Plato asks the question, “What is justice?” Plato answered the question by saying that justice is everyone doing their job.

Plato’s student Aristotle had a field day ripping the “Republic” to shreds.

You see, Plato presented ideas that today form the foundation of Progressivism aka Marxist-fascist tyranny.

That is, people are too ignorant and disorderly to lead productive lives therefore it is critical that they be governed by a merciless, ironfisted tyranny that manages their every thought, desire and action.  People who don’t conform to the will of the regime are exterminated or exiled for the good of public, social, and cultural order.

Aristotle’s argument against Plato’s “progressive” line of thinking was that it violated human nature.

It might seem surprising, but Aristotle argued that Plato’s ideas were an assault on marriage, the union of a man and woman, family, friendship, the free association of people among themselves for whatever reason.  And thus, “Republic” was a recipe for social-cultural disaster.

Meanwhile, at approximately the same time in history, the ancient Hebrews were developing ideas of justice that included equality among men, the rule of law, the well off helping the less fortunate, and horror of horrors, a sense of good and evil that applied to all men because it was absolute and based on human nature.

The Hebrews wrote their ideas concerning human nature and justice into a collection of works that eventually became known as the Old Testament.

Jesus of Nazareth, a Hebrew, rocked history by demonstrating that what makes human nature, human, is God, the Creator.  The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were written into a collection of works that became known as the New Testament.


Taken together, the ideas of the ancient Greeks, Hebrews and Christians concerning justice, formed the foundation of Western Civilization and what is referred to as the Western Heritage.

The conclusion of this introduction which concerns the Western, Christian idea of justice is that the idea of justice actually, logically proves the existence of God.

This proof can be taken up in the comments discussion and will be explained in the next post.