It is simple common sense to conclude that if one does not know his own finite, nature, how then, can one know the nature of God, who is infinite?

Yet the basic atheist angst against God is rooted in what the atheist thinks he understands about the nature of God.

The proof that man is the only creature on Earth who does not know his own nature, is also rooted in common sense.

That is to say, man is the only creature on Earth who is constantly at odds with himself, his neighbor and his environment, natural or otherwise.

“At odds” often includes willful, premeditated carnage, violence and destruction on scales that are almost unimaginable.

Man, in fact, is the only life form on Earth, who through willful, premeditated, conscious action, has developed the capability of utterly destroying the entire planet and everything on it.

Well, maybe some irrepressible cockroaches and totally vile, bloodsucking ticks might survive, but hey, nobody’s perfect.

So how pray tell, can the atheist even conceive of the idea of understanding God, let alone developing an entire body of thought that serves to wink the Creator out of existence?

Thus comes the inescapable conclusion that atheist “thought” isn’t really thought.

Atheist “thought” is really willful, premeditated, conscious hallucination.