Here is a LINK to a disturbing article from the Nation Catholic Register about Cardinal Juan Sandoval Íñiguez, the archbishop emeritus of Guadalajara, Mexico who gave that nation an official Catholic exorcism.  A quote from the article:

“Such ‘exorcisms … have helped bring awareness that there is such a thing as sin influenced by Satan,’ said Msgr. John Esseff, a priest for 62 years in the Diocese of Scranton, Pa., and an exorcist for more than 35 years.”

Christ Crucified

How about a big DUH-zilla for good Monsignor John and the Cardinal Juan.

This very same bishop recommends that the entire country of the United States also receive a Catholic exorcism.

Talk about 100% pure, mass produced, canned stupid spewing forth from the highest level of the Catholic Church establishment.

The Catholic bishop is not some self-appointed, crazed whacko who suffers from periodic temper tantrums.  The Catholic bishop is a direct spiritual descendent of Christ’s twelve Apostles, one of the foundation stones upon which the Church is proudly stands.

So instead stating the obvious, that all men are responsible for their actions, and that our social decline is the direct result of people choosing lives of vice instead of virtue, the New Cadre of Catholic Clowns (Pope Francis and his fellow bishops) is telling everyone to relax,

“The devil made you do it.  Hang on, while we perform and exorcism for your heathen nation.”

During the Renaissance the corrupt Medici and Borgia popes betrayed Jesus much like Judas did: for a handful of gold.

During our time, we are seeing the reign of Pope Francis, betray God like the ancient Jews did: forsaking God’s teachings in order to practice idolatry.

In other words the Magisterium (the teaching authority and office) of the Catholic Church is now being run by pagan idolaters.

Indeed, this is a sad state of affairs for what remains of Western Civilization.