The other day I was shopping at the local supermarket and I was surprised to notice moldy oldies by Chicago, the Doobie Brothers and Peter Frampton playing on the muzak.

All these hits were from about 40 years ago and might be characterized as grandpa music by modern young folk.

I remember this tune from Peter Frampton because we used to listen to it frequently on the radio as we worked away the nether hours of the solar day, as the night crew of a local supermarket.

There was this 45 year old, old fart on our crew who said he didn’t have any use for Frampton because he sounded like he was tuning his guitar.

In fact, the this old fart characterized the popular music of our day as (and forgive the language) “the dope smoking shit.”

It was a long night for me when he got his way and played music from those long ago, and ancient 1950’s (just 25 years ago at the time).

So when I heard Peter Frampton belting out, “Do you feeeeeeel, like I doooo?” from 40 years ago I wondered what the youths of today, working the grocery and cashier crews, thought about this particular sound track that kept them company during their work shift.

And last night as I watched the new “Robocop” movie from 2014 I was surprised to hear “Hocus Pocus” by Focus from 1972, as part of the sound track.

Here from 1972, four years out from Woodstock, and four years before the California Jam, Focus performing live, in concert in Europe:

Quite a couple of time capsules from ancient times that really seem like they come from yesterday.

Twenty years ago I told my students that I was too old and too white for rap and hip hop.

And the screamo from just 5 years ago is truly nightmarish.

So I am left wondering whether the Old Farts from the 70’s have taken over the American sound track and whether (and please forgive the language), “the dope smoking shit,” is still as cool now as it was back in the days of yore.

Don’t be shy. Comment and then embed your favorite cool tune from whatever era you still think is modern.