It was reported in the news that the GOP had to water down an anti-abortion bill because GOP women representatives objected to a section concerning rape.


The bill, which would institutionalize the Hyde Amendment of 1976 (, would also add a provision that prohibited federal funding of abortions due to rape, after the pregnancy had progressed past 20 weeks.

This development demonstrates just how much the atheist worldview is really approaching mainstream status these days.

Conservative (aka Tea Party) political philosophy is based on the same natural law theory that the Founding Fathers used to design and build the American Republic.

Catholic doctrine on life, family and sex are also consistent with natural law theory.

Natural law theory looks at human rights, the right to life, concerning the topic of abortion, from the standpoint of human nature.

Human nature is defined as a human specimen that is healthy and whole.  Human nature begins at the moment of conception and ends at natural death.

Clearly, natural law theory is consist with modern science with regard to when life begins for a creature, at conception which means “beginning.”

My question for atheists and so-called Conservative women who agree with the rape exception for abortion is,

What did the unborn child do to deserve being murdered?

The unborn child had absolutely nothing to do with any crime and is totally innocent.

The atheist gives the standard answer, which is an outright rejection of natural law, and the American understanding of human rights:

“The fetus is not yet human, so abortion presents no moral or ethical problems.  Abortion is in fact moral because it is the result of the free choice of the woman concerned.”

But what about the so called, Conservative or Tea Party woman who believes that the abortion exception for rape, is just?