The new, new, new atheist buzz word these days is “empathy.”

The atheist shaman conjures up morality for all of mankind simply by chanting the magic word, “empathy.”

Chant, “Empathy,” fellow human, and justice for all and peace on Earth are at hand.

Atheist love and best wishes for his fellow man is really so incredibly Christian.

So why do atheists detest Christianity, the religion whose founder, Jesus, made book on what atheists hold so dear to their hearts?

Jesus King of the Jews

Why do atheists mock the New Testament Gospels which are basically the story of Jesus traveling all over Judea curing maladies of every sort (even death, the greatest malady of all) making the rich and powerful look like a bunch of maroons and elevating women from oppressed breeders and victims of man’s manly nature to bonafide, valuable citizens of the universe?