As if the discoveries of modern science hadn’t reduced atheism to a creed believable only by the most fanatical ideologues or the most willfully provincial and unlearned intellects, the history of the Christian holiday, Christmas, deals atheism, that surreal, misshapen creed, yet another mortal wound.

A fine, fascinating, warts and all, superbly researched history of the Christmas holiday can be found at the Catholic website, New Advent: Christmas. It includes many of the histories that atheists have mangled into their favorite fables about the origins of Christmas.


The true history of the Christmas holiday has all the weavings, windings, messiness and the passing of centuries that atheists love to scandalize about the tale of God’s Plan of Salvation for Mankind, aka, the Bible, and the miraculous, inexorable march of Christianity from apostolic, Roman antiquity, into modern times.

But this atheist scandalizing of Judeo-Christian history actually betrays the disconnected, hallucinogenic, lost in time nature of the atheist worldview.

Ironically, the origins of the postmodern atheism began during the Middle Ages with the heretic Catholic priest William of Ockham. I often tease atheists for their habit of hallucinating alternate realities whenever the facts become too confusing or disturbing for them. 

But it was Catholic Priest, William of Ockham who philosophically justified such an intellectual hallucinogenic. In the sci-fy classic, “The Matrix,” Morpheus offers Neo the “blue pill” that allows you to “believe anything you want.” The “red pill” allows the beginning of the journey to the truth.

Clearly, atheists have swallowed the blue pill, since atheism is all about believing anything you want to believe whether it is true or not.

Another bad habit that atheists inherited from William of Ockham is their concept of time. In one of my graduate-level theology classes the author of one of my textbooks called Ockham’s concept of time, “an atom bomb.”

The reason for this is that Ockham’s concept of time was that each moment is discrete and therefore not connected to the future or the past.  The moment is simply what we make of it or perceive of it, etc..  This concept of time allows the rejection of objective truth, tradition and the continuity of history. 

The individual is simply in the present moment and all other times, past or future, are viewed from the standpoint of that single moment.

In other words, the truth or what is real, are completely subjective.

Thus atheistic provincialism. 

Atheists view all cultures, time periods and worldviews from their own individual present.  They apply the values and viewpoints of their present moment to all other moments and judge all those other moments mercilessly.

Consequently, God of the Old Testament was a genocidal maniac who advocated rape and slavery; Jesus was a communist; and of course, Christmas was, is and always will be, a pagan holiday.

I have come to believe that atheism is the result of either a poor or incomplete education.  The hyper-civilization we all know and love, with its modern science, medicine, and technology owes its existence to Christianity.

So while Christmas for Christians is the celebration of the birth of the Savior of mankind, may Christmas be the celebration of Christianity for the rest of mankind.