This post will unite philosophy, science and Christianity in the language of mathematics. I first saw the God Equation in my mind’s eye during the first week of first semester, university-level biology class.

And the reader of this post is seeing the equation published in public for the first time.

Let’s look at the equation. After all, who wouldn’t want to know what the God Equation looks like?

The God Equation (2)

The English translation of the math is, “The limit when order equals infinity equals God.”

To keep from walking too far into the weeds and getting lost, the explanation of the math will be very basic.

Limits are a concept studied in first semester, university calculus.  They lead to a concept called “derivative.”

An example:  the derivative of distance is velocity.  The derivative of velocity is acceleration.

So we see here in the math, an intimate relationship between time and space which gives phenomenal coherence to the universe we live in.

Switching gears to molecular biology, one of the characteristics of all living things is order or organization.  When a certain level of order is achieved in matter and energy, life happens.

Switching gears once again to philosophy, God was first defined by the ancient Greeks as those fine attributes we see in man and universe when those attributes reach infinite quality (thus the ability to translate philosophy into mathematics).

For example, God is infinitely beautiful, all-good, all-powerful, all-knowing, etc..

From the Greek philosopher we get the concept of forms.  Forms are the perfect idea of something.  This relates perfectly with mathematics since numbers and all mathematical concepts are Platonist forms.

Now, standing on the same philosophical Platonist ground as Saint Augustine of the 4th century AD, we connect Christianity to mathematics and modern science:

Jesus is perfection in human form.  Jesus is like Adam the first man who was created perfectly in the image of God. It’s amazing how the ancient Hebrews used the same concept of forms completely independent of the ancient Greek philosophers.

This makes the Jesus Equation possible:

Here then, is the Jesus Equation:

The Jesus Equation 2

Translated from math to English, “the limit as order approaches infinity equals man.”

Since math deals with forms (perfection), “Man” can be translated to “Jesus” since Jesus was perfection incarnated as man.

The objective of the post is to show the unity of philosophy, mathematics, modern science and Christianity.

This is done by expressing the existence of God in the language of mathematics, which is the language of modern science.

This post is also an academic thesis which proves that:

Atheism is Dead