Why Atheists Cannot Understand the Bible

Atheists habitually quote the Bible in their never ending attempt to discredit religion in general and Christianity in particular.

But is it really possible for atheists to actually understand what they are reading when they pick up a collection of ancient works such as those that comprise the Bible?

The answer is a resounding, “No!” and here is why:

We can discern much about the Bible through the understanding conveyed by our Western Heritage.

For example, justice was one of the premier themes in Plato’s, “Republic” and justice is also a premier theme all throughout the books of the Bible.


Plato brought the written word to life in his famous device called, the dialogue. In the dialogue, the reader’s own mind is activated to think for itself and examine the questions presented by the characters in the story.

The ancient Hebrews used devices like parables, symbols and types to breath life into their Bible literature.

Through those devices it is possible to discern themes, values and modes of thought that run from one generation to the next, down through the centuries.

Eventually those themes, values and modes of thought comprised what is known as our Western Heritage, which itself became known through the works of literature often referred to as the Great Books.

And central to our Western Heritage is the idea, or to speak in Platonist terms, the form, of justice.

Hell concerns justice.

Consequently, if a person does not understand the meaning or idea, or form of justice, then it is not possible to understand the meaning or idea, or form of Hell.

And just as one can spend his entire lifetime contemplating the ideas presented in Plato’s, “Republic,” one could spend an eternity contemplating the ideas presented in the Bible.

But what purpose is found in contemplating a basic idea like justice as presented by Plato or the authors of the Bible books?

The answer is wisdom.

Both the Hebrew, the ancient Greek and the Christian view wisdom as central to understanding the meaning of justice.

Unfortunately, atheism is a total rejection of our Western Heritage.

That means that it is impossible for the atheist to use his mind to contemplate ideas basic to Western Civilization such as justice.

Therefore it is impossible for the atheist to acquire wisdom.

As a result, when the atheist quotes the Bible and offers up his interpretation of it, the result is as useless as a cadre of chimpanzees trying to bang out the works of Shakespeare on a keyboard.


107 responses to “Why Atheists Cannot Understand the Bible”

  1. I actually like many non believer tildeb. It’s people with poor manners who are full of hatred that annoy me.

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  2. Yeah, that’s what I mean: you’re the one presuming I’m full of hatred. I’m not in reality; only in your mind.

    My criticisms are pointed and refer directly to what other people have written. Any tone and/or ‘manners’ you disagree with or consider ‘rude’ and ‘not nice’ is also in direct response to the tone and niceness and manners of the comment or post I’m criticizing. But not once do you hold the original in the same overblown contempt you hold for those made by atheists like me. You shift the goalposts to an extreme distance because your presumptions require this consistency in order to justify them in your own mind.

    That’s your bias at work and pointing it out is a service to you and not an expression of ‘hatred’ or ‘poor manners’ by me.


  3. Stuart Sorensen Avatar
    Stuart Sorensen

    Oh dear. I was a dedicated, devout, fundamentalist christian for almost ten years. During that time I attended church or house group at least 5 times each week, read a chapter of the Bible daily and subsequently contemplated the meaning of the passages I encountered as part of my daily devotions. I achieved a very real understanding of the bible. My Western heritage had little to do with that by the way. Christianity is a middle Eastern religious tradition, after all.

    Anyway – the result of this understanding, this ‘wisdom’ if you will, was that I left Christianity because it is unjust and divisive. I later came to see that it is also incredibly illogical, based upon the ancient Paganism of the God of Abraham, himself created from the two Gods YHWH and Elohim. These two Gods (part of the ancient pre-Hebrew pantheon of many Gods) merged to form the Jewish God of War that the modern world knows as Jehovah/YHWH/God/Allah – all names for the same basic entity that evolved from the ancient Hebrew writings we see in the Old Testament.

    When I read that I, as an atheist don’t understand the meaning of the bible and then see it backed up by the extremely superficial reasoning above I have to laugh.


  4. i wrote a similar post to explain the same question from a psychological viewpoint. Atheists are easily influenced by this guy to control them.not to see what is in plain sight if they would allow their eyes and minds to open. You may be interested even though you do not suffer from this psychological phenomenon.

    https://rudymartinka.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/king-solomon-psychological-set-atheism/ .

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


  5. SOM’s definition of not-a-real-Christian is anyone who has left behind believing in his version of Christianity. Ipso facto. There’s no room in the silence of his mind to consider anything that he doesn’t first believe and the fault and problems that arise for this lies everywhere but with him.


  6. So this is what Christianity has come too. Insulting others ability to obtain “wisdom” because we don’t want to worship your god. Let’s entertain the dilution that there is a god(s). Why should we believe in your’s. They’re not the oldest. What makes the other religion’s wrong and your’s right? And don’t quote the Bible because everyone else’s holy book claims that their’s is the “one true god.” Until proven otherwise, I’m going to continue to look at the world with a curious and questioning view, and will use science to see things objectivity.


  7. Yes, atheists can attain a thing called “earthy wisdom,” but they cannot attain a thing called “heavenly wisdom”

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