Stalin Genocide

The atheist regime in the Soviet Union slaughtered 6 million of its own people by starving them to death. Adolf Hitler killed 6 million Jews from all over Europe.

The moral of the story is that without an objective set of morals based on “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God” as it says in the American Declaration of Independence, morality is simply a matter of opinion.

For example, the atheists claims that in the Bible, God committed genocide when he eradicated evil people. While at the same time, the atheist advocates abortion which is the genocide of innocent unborn children.

Christian ethics hold that the eradication of evil is good and that the slaughter of the innocent by the 10’s of millions is genocide, and therefore immoral.

Clearly, atheist “morality” leaves much to be desired, namely reason, logic and compassion, the very attributes that atheists claim to champion

Consequently, the atheist himself proves that atheism cannot be moral.

The atheist simply imitates those Christian values he favors and discards those he doesn’t.