Without God, all there is, is nature and nature’s laws.

Evolution is a fundamental natural law according to atheists who also claim science as their authority.


Aside from having to get over the fact that great, great, great grandma and grandpa were amoebas, evolution is all about a creature’s ability to reproduce.

And how does that happen?

The basic mechanics of evolution depend upon a creature’s ability to satisfy its appetites.

For mammals, that would include the appetite for food, water and sex.

Since man is a mammal and a product of evolution our only purpose in life is to satisfy our appetites.

So the basic question that the atheist must answer (aside from how everything happened all by itself) is, does eating, drinking and having sex make a human being happy?

Of course, the answer is a gargantuan, Nozilla.

The preceding is a proof that atheist man can never be happy man.

“No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, the sad man…”

…except atheist man.