God’s existence and His blessings are understood through insight.

So for the atheist to begin gathering evidence for the existence of God, the atheist must look more deeply into reality.

Here it is from a literary source:


Here it is from the Catholic Eucharistic Prayer:

“Father, it is our duty and salvation, always and everywhere to give you thanks through your beloved Son, Jesus Christ.”

Here is reference from the Bible where Jesus cured ten lepers and one returned to express his gratitude:

From Luke 17:11-19, Jesus responds to the cured man’s gratitude by saying, “Thy faith has saved you.”

Both the Bible and the Catholic Church teach that gratitude is an expression of faith in God and the means to our salvation.

But for this experiment, the atheist need only express gratitude from his heart to the appropriate person at the appropriate time and to acknowledge with gratitude those things that have brought good fortune to the atheist.

Lastly, like all experiments they must be carried out with commitment and discipline.

For good results the atheist must spend 20 or so minutes morning and evening everyday dedicated to nothing but thinking about what he is grateful for.

The person advanced in insight gives thanks for misfortune and suffering.  This will be particularly hard for the atheist because atheists view suffering as God’s crime against humanity.

So there it is Mr. and Ms. Atheist, the way to gather evidence for the existence of God.