Atheism’s assault on the intellect begins with its denial of the obvious.  What’s that you ask?

Capitan Obvious

To be an atheist requires accepting that something can come from nothing.

That was okay before science proved that the universe had a beginning just like it says in the Bible.  Since the universe had a beginning, the old atheist claim that the universe is eternal is no longer valid.

It’s like someone after Galileo’s time still claiming that the Earth is the center of the universe.  Such a preposterous claim would be enough to piss off the Pope, don’t you think?

Well, maybe not our present pope, Pope Francis who seems to have a special affection for wastrels, gays and atheists.

So how does something come from nothing?

Magicians have been praying on mankind’s passion for an answer to that question probably for 10’s and 10’s of millennia.  How gloriously thrilling it is to see a magician make things appear and disappear seemingly out of and into nothing.

I used to reward my middle school math students with magic tricks.  Among their favorites was when I made a scarf disappear into the palm of my hand.

Since that kind of magic is only an illusion, it requires shameless fraud and deceit on the part of the magician. The more my gullible little whipper snappers marveled at my magic, the filthier I felt for having deceived them.

Such is the burden of the religious.

Other common magic includes ObamaCare magic or Global Warming magic named for the shameless fraud and deceit used by Barack Obama and Al Gore to create the illusion that government can heal the sick and cure a problem with Earth’s climate that doesn’t even exist, global warming.

So the atheist notion that something can come from nothing is not only unscientific but it requires the magical thinking common to children

And it also requires the shameless fraud practiced by magician types who thrill at deceiving the gullible.

That’s why atheism is an assault on the intellect.