God communicates to man through insight.

That simple fact is a biggie for atheists because their coffee is going to get cold while they wait eons for scientific evidence to render some sort of result.

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It is also through insight that we come to know our own selves, our own human and personal natures.

Since we are created in God’s own image it is no coincidence that we come to know both ourselves and God through the same means.

How does a person gain insight?  And if insight is the means to know both ourselves and God why does it seem that so-called insights are so few and far between?

The answer is the Silence of Mind.

The Silence of Mind is where God speaks and creation listens.  Since God is always speaking, if we don’t hear Him it is because we are not listening.

It is because we allow our mind to fill itself with noise.

The great religions teach man many good things.  Among them are techniques for putting the mind at rest.  For only in the Silence of Mind can we listen for God and hear him through insight.

But that is still not enough.

We cannot hear and understand God through our own human capacity.

We need spiritual enlightenment in order to cross the bridge from our material existence to God’s spiritual existence.

Baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit endows the human being with spiritual enlightenment.

Since only God can reveal God, Baptism requires becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ.

In this way the atheist’s major complaint against God (the existence of suffering) is addressed.

Jesus Christ addressed the problem of suffering by touching every aspect of it with his own body and mind during his life and during his Passion.  And in so doing turned all human suffering into a blessing.

That suffering is a blessing where the will of God manifests itself, is an insight received in the Silence of Mind.

Lastly a true story.

Recently I went to Confession (the sacrament of spiritual healing) and for penance the priest said that I must commit an act of charity.  But, said he, the act of charity could not be of my choosing.  I had to wait for someone to ask me help and then help as asked.

A few days later I was driving on a narrow country highway in the middle of nowhere, at 6:30am on a Sunday morning.  Lo and behold, in the middle of the road was a young man waving his arms in desperation.

I stopped and naturally he asked me for a ride.  He got in stinking, and I mean really stinking, of a night of unrestrained drunkenness.  It took two weeks for his stench to finally work its way out of my cab.

So I started driving and ten minutes later he zoned back into reality long enough to tell me I was going the wrong way.  So I turned around and backtracked all the way to the town from where I had started my journey originally.

A few minutes before I dropped him off he was good enough to thank me for being patient with him and for giving him a ride.  He had gotten so drunk during the night that he had become a total nuisance before passing out and his friends had abandoned him.

In my mind I was thinking, “You dumb stupid, stinking bastard.  You plague on my life!  God!  Why me?”

But out loud I said, “This morning, for me, you are the will of God.”

And he replied, “AAAAH, that’s really nice!  Nobody ever told me that before.”

Yeah, not even his mammy, I’d wager!

Concluding, God is not only a being, He is an adventure.