What good is a Bible-based argument to people who don’t believe in the Bible?

And what good is personal opinion when one person’s opinion is just as good or bad as another?

Here are simple, secular arguments that demonstrate that gay marriage, gun control and abortion are violations of basic human rights:

1. The Argument Against Abortion

That human life begins at conception is a scientific fact.  As soon as the egg is fertilized by the sperm the result is a creature defined by a complete set of human DNA.

Human DNA defines the new creature as human.

Since the new creature is human it merits the basic, inalienable human right to life.

What the mother thinks or feels is irrelevant.  Since the new creature is human, abortion is premeditated murder.

2.  The Argument Against Gun Control

Human rights are a result of human nature, not human opinion.

Human beings are born into a state of liberty.  Liberty then, is a basic human right.

As a result they also have the human right to use deadly force to defend their liberty.  That’s the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

3.  The Argument Against Gay Marriage

The concept of gay marriage says that a single sex marriage is the same as a male-female marriage.

That is a falsehood, since male is obviously different than female.

Gay marriage then, requires that we deny gender, male and female.  

Since gender is integral to human nature, gay marriage therefore denies human nature.

Since all our human rights are based on our human nature, gay marriage is actually a denial of all human rights.

If gay marriage is accepted, all human rights become meaningless.

Do you believe that human rights are defined by religion, personal opinion or human nature?