Why Atheism Is So Deadly to the Individual and to Society

Atheism is so deadly to the individual because it strands him in time and head space.

Atheism is so deadly to society because an atheist society is composed by people who are stranded in time and head space.

Credit for the particular philosophical malady affecting atheists goes to none other than good Friar William of Ockham (born around 1280 Anno Domini in Ockham, England). He was a Catholic priest and heretic who is famous in modern times as the author of “Ockham’s Razor.”


Friar William Ockham’s teachings were so radical that he was finally forced to go on the lam to escape Catholic Church Inquisitors. He is thought to have died in Munich, Germany circa 1349 Anno Domini.

Were he alive today, Friar William of Ockham might be known as a “constructivist.” That is, what we learn does not come from developing an understanding of objective reality, but from what we conceptually construct about our own experiences in our own minds.

In other words, reality and what we think we know is whatever we define it to be. What’s wrong with this picture?

alfred-e-headroomThe constructed individual has his own personal Max Headroom for a mind, a non-stop, chattering of unadulterated bias.

Just think of it!

The constructed individual hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell of escaping a destiny guided by pure stupidity.  For stupidity is the natural state of man. Unlike all other creatures, man has to be taught everything. How can a creature whose natural state is stupidity, teach himself anything?

Further, stupidity, always at odds with objective reality, makes happiness impossible.

Just think of it!

These particular teachings of Friar William of Ockham are the accepted doctrine in today’s educational, political and media establishments. Ironically, our entire, nearly Godless, Western society sits on the shoulders of a Medieval Catholic heretic priest.

In the classroom, students are left to find their own way which leaves them sitting ducks for indoctrination.

In politics, The People, bereft of any understanding of “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God,” are left intellectually disarmed. For they have nothing but their own personal bias to aid them in making sense of relentless, emotionally violent and confusing political campaigns.

And the media, far from informing the public and fostering human nature, becomes a vicious, remorseless tool of totalitarian statecraft.

In conclusion, we can reason out that atheism is deadly to the individual.

This is because the atheism provides the intellect with no objective foundation upon which to stand. It is therefore necessary for the individual to construct his own version of reality within his own solitary mind.

This leaves the human being in his natural state of stupidity. For all he knows is what little he was able to construct in his own mind, or what was fed to him by those who “taught” him. This  also means that personal bias is left to run amok since the power to think rationally was never developed.

More disturbing still is that the institutions fundamental to civil society, education, political and media, are all dedicated to the mass production of stupid people.

It is long past time to throw atheism and the teachings of Friar William of Ockham  onto the ash heap of history.




The Official, Infallible “All Atheists Are Marxists” Test

From cold, hard experience on social media it appears that atheists invariably are hard core Marxists (leftists).

Presented here is the Official, Infallible All Atheists are Marxists Test:

  1. Do you dislike or even hate Donald Trump?
  2. In the picture below what is Donald Trump saying?


Answer Key:

  1. If you are an atheist and answered “Yes” to question #1, the Official, Infallible “All Atheists are Marxists” Test has determined that you are a Marxist.
  2. Don’t answer that question, you potty mouthed Marxist!

The Tyranny of the Majority

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.


Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election, but the people who voted for her were clustered (re: cloistered) within very small geographical areas (1).

Donald Trump won in 2626 counties.

Hillary Clinton won in 487 counties (2).

Taking lessons in political philosophy from ancient Greeks like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle (all of whom had deep misgivings about pure majority rule), America’s Founding Fathers (namely Alexander Hamilton) instituted the Electoral College.

Why do people who live in mega-populated urban areas tend to hallucinate a Democrat Party-dominated organized crime syndicate called the Federal Government as something good?

  1. http://www.vividmaps.com/2016/12/trumpland-and-Clinton-archipelago.html
  2. http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/national_world/2016/12/06/1206-clinton-won-487-counties.html

Why Modern Science Heralds the Death of Atheism and the Rise of Christianity

Regardless of one’s own worldview, the election of political outsider Donald Trump as President of the United States clearly signaled the roaring back to life of Christianity in Western Civilization.

For it was the common Christian, downtrodden after a nearly 30 year horror show of the Bill Clinton,  George W. Bush and Barack Obama regimes who quietly and lawfully voted to pull the plug on the whole blasted mess.

Because of the nature of Christianity, it is easy to predict a  roaring back to life of economic opportunity and prosperity, traditional moral values, and a bountiful cornucopia of technological development and scientific discovery and the death of atheism (the sand in the gears of all human well being).

For the modern Christian worldview, born of the 18th century Enlightenment, holds that the world and all that is in it, is subject to “the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God(1).”

Such a worldview provides a most fertile environment for not only healthy moral values and just politics, but also for technological and scientific development. This is because science and technology are themselves, the study and implementation of natural laws.

A case in point is a new technology brought about by the science of molecular biology. This new technology will most definitely change civilization as fundamentally as did the developments of electricity and internal combustion.

It will put powers of design and creation, once thought the sole domain of God, into the hands of high school students.

What is this most powerful and wondrous technology?

Meet CRISPR-CAS9, a gene editing technology taken from a lowly bacteria called  Francisella novicida bacteria(2):


Simply, with the CRISPR-CAS9 technology (3):

  1.  All genetic diseases could be eliminated.
  2. Endless varieties and quantities of plant and animal food could be designed and created.
  3. Most industrial pollution could be eliminated.
  4. Most manufacturing could be switched from polluting and high resource-consuming traditional industrial chemical methods to molecular biological methods.
  5. Death from aging could be eliminated.

So where does the Christian worldview fit into this new technology?

The answer is obvious.

If the fires of creation could be put into the hands of high school students the possibility of unleashing total disaster upon all of mankind would be imminent.

Clearly, effective moral ethics must be applied to CRISPR-CAS9 technology before it is unleashed from research laboratories into civilization at large.

The Great Genocide of the Unborn (the abortion industry) and the subsequent harvesting and selling of butchered baby body parts is but one example of the catastrophic failure of atheist ethics.

Other catastrophic failures of atheist ethics include Marxist economics and Marxist political systems.  Atheist ethics fails because it takes everything wrong with any social system (economic or political), puts them on steroids and then gives ruthless people with those amped up faults total power over everyone and everything.

Global warming and ObamaCare are two examples of atheist ethics leading to catastrophic social failure since both provide platforms based on hoaxes that give total power to a ruthless, ruling elite.

Heaven won’t come to all of mankind until Jesus comes again.

But getting rid of atheism and reestablishing a dominant Christian culture in the West would surely usher in a far better world for us all.

Work cited:

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  3. CRISPR’s Most Exciting Uses Have Nothing to Do With Gene Editing, http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/01/the-most-exciting-uses-of-gene-editing-technology-involve-no-editing/422619/


Barack & Hillary-A Lesson in Political Science 101

The Obama Administration which includes Hillary Clinton, is a lesson in basic political science for a people 100 years beguiled by a lie called Progressivism.

The government can only do three things:

1. Make rules (legislative power)

2. Enforce the rules (executive power)

3. Judge whether the rules are being followed (judicial power)

Because government is nothing but raw, mindless power, it has no mercy, no conscience, and no remorse.

Politicians and professors who say it can be made otherwise by well trained elite men with good intentions are liars who count on the public’s complete naiveté.

By nature then, government can’t cure poverty. It can’t make us smart. It can’t make us well. It can’t make us rich.

When government power is wielded over men, the result is oppression. To implement oppression without causing a revolt, politicians like President Obama must lie routinely.

That is the nature of oppression.

Here is the lesson that the American people must learn from President Obama:

Whenever a politician  says that government can heal the sick, feed the poor, educate your children, take care of the elderly, he’s lying.

Lying is the language of oppression.

A people cannot outsource their duty of charity to the government otherwise the government will take their earnings and buy whips, chains and prison guards.

The 2016 Election Guide for Dummies

Since the science of politics is not taught in American public schools until the graduate level, most political discussion devolves into a clash of indoctrinations.


Such a situation makes reasoned argument impossible.

That’s why this post will be short and sweet and full of pictures and video.

For thus is the realm of the dummy.

This election, the choice could not be more clear, nor more clearly stated, by none other than Hillary Clinton, the Democrat Party presidential nominee:

If you are a member of the Ruling Class (the top 1%) or one of their plebe drones, vote Democrat.

If you are a member of the Country Class (one of les deplorables), vote for Donald Trump.



God, Atheists and SETI

SETI stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  And the SETI Institute has recently detected a “mysterious signal from a star 94 light years away.”


SETI Allen Array

Here is an excerpt from the Fox News article:

“The scientists who made the detection are respected researchers, and the signal is strong enough that it’s probably not just random noise, Shostak (SETI astronomer) told Space.com.”

“Furthermore, the signal is consistent with something an alien civilization might send out — and if aliens did indeed do it, they are certainly far more advanced than we are, he added.”

Clearly, modern science is able to determine the difference between intelligent communication and natural noise.

Atheists swear up and down about the great merits of modern science.

That is, until modern science proves the existence of God, just as the SETI institute just did.

By the very same scientific standards that SETI astronomers are able to determine the an electromagnetic wave transmits intelligence (or NOT), the rest of the scientific community can determine that intelligence is embedded in everything.

Since intelligence proves being, the intelligence embedded in everything must be God.

Atheists are urged to follow this phenomenal story of discovery as it develops over the next few years so that they can learn the nature of science and how it works.

The Atheist Way to God

Anyone who wishes for themselves a layman’s understanding of physics, mathematics and engineering, the 2011 airing of the BBC production,”The Code,” hosted by mathematician Marcus du Sautoy fits the bill nicely. It’s free if you have a Netflix subscription. Here is a short clip to whet the intellectual appetite.

The upshot is that the entire universe can be modeled through mathematics.

And guess what?!

Mathematics is the language of engineering and computer science.

Inadvertently, this BCC production demonstrates in great detail that the entire universe is engineered.

That is, it isn’t random at all.

And that man’s ability to create technology through engineering was gained by learning and copying “The Code” found in nature.

The atheist approach to the universe, which is modern science, in fact proves the existence of God.

This is because engineering doesn’t happen all by itself and “code” by definition indicates the transmission of coherent, intelligible information.

Both engineering and code taken together or separately prove the existence of intelligent being.

From our perspective as a creature who is engineered from “The Code,” that intelligent being is God.

Consequently, to be an atheist means that one must reject hard cold scientific proof that God exists.


Religion and Atheism

During my university-level course, Introduction to Molecular Biology, the professor asked THE 64,000 dollar question:

“What is the purpose of all living things?”

After more than a few seconds of stunned silence I answered the question with an answer provided by the great Greek philosopher, Aristotle :

“The purpose of all things is to fulfil their nature.”

The professor responded, “It looks like somebody around here is bucking for an ‘A’. The purpose of all living things is to do their jobs.”

protein translation

Okay, so the professor threw Aristotle under the bus for Karl Marx.

Regardless, we can still ask, how does man fulfill his nature or do his job?

Karl Marx declared that man’s job was to produce through work, the sweat of his brow so to speak (Communist Manifesto).

But that is ridiculous because it means that mothers and children are not fully human.  Neither are artists, musicians, and actors even if all their art, music and theater are generated to inspire other people to work harder and better.

Okay, so let’s stick with Aristotle.

How does man fulfill his human nature?

Does atheism address that question?

Since nearly all atheists are Marxists, all that can be expected of atheism is a bad trip down some rabbit hole of the ridiculous.

What about religion?

We know from the study of history that all civilizations grew up around religion. We also know that the ruling class in every civilization used religion to legitimize their tyranny, and their cultural control over society.

Some civilizations were relatively stable and reserved state violence to war.  Others, like the Aztecs used a blood soaked religion to terrorize their population.

Even Christianity, a truly wonderful religion, was commandeered by the ruling classes of the Western and Eastern Roman Empires.

The spiritual and intellectual dissonance caused by such perverse development finally exploded into what is now known as the Protestant Reformation. But that just gave the ruling class tyrants more reasons to conduct war.

And so it goes.

Atheists, it would seem, have a great point about the evils of religion.

But is the problem actually religion or that man does not know how to fulfill his human nature?

Atheists argue against religion as if all religions were equal, but clearly this is not the case.

It took the weight of the Roman Empire to destroy ancient Egypt.  Yet only 500 European Spaniards destroyed the Aztec civilization.  Pizarro, another European Spaniard led the destruction of the Incan civilization.  And apparently, the Mayans destroyed themselves.

Since the ruling class of whatever society habitually used religion to justify their tyranny and their war making, it is obvious that religion is not the fundamental problem with man.  This is so, because the vast majority of people who practice religion conform to societal norms and moral values.

Atheism then, is a dead end.

Its understanding of religion is provably false.  And as a consequence offers absolutely nothing regarding the question of how man is to fulfill his human nature.

Atheism then, is worthless.